Integrated Schools in Oakland Are Overdue


Quick Facts

Racially discriminatory housing and lending practices contributed to neighborhood segregation in Oakland. Without meaningful integration policies in place, Oakland exacerbates the harmful effects of neighborhood segregation in its schools.

Oakland has approximately 29% of its student population living in poverty. Oakland public schools enroll approximately 72% low-income students. Over half of these schools have more than 85% low-income students.

Approximately 78% of Black and Latino students attend schools with more than 70% low-income students; the same is true for  around 18% of White students.



Integrate Oakland Schools advocates for racially and socioeconomically integrated living and learning environments in Oakland, CA. We combine data-driven advocacy with close community collaboration to broaden the opportunities for students and families to thrive in diverse settings. LAUNCHING 11/2020. Stay tuned!  

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