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Integrated Schools in Oakland Are Overdue

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Racially discriminatory housing and lending practices contributed to neighborhood segregation in Oakland. Without meaningful integration policies in place, Oakland school administrators exacerbate the harmful effects of neighborhood segregation in their schools.

Approximately 71% of all students in Oakland public schools are low-income.  Over 60% of schools are either high-poverty or low-poverty, falling either 15% above or below the average poverty rate.

Approximately 76% of White students attend low-poverty schools (compared to the district average poverty rate). The same is true for 21% of Black and 10% of Latino students. 

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Jeremy Gormley, Founder

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Integrate Oakland Schools presents data insights and trends that illuminate the degree to which school communities are divided by race and class in Oakland, CA. We partner with school and community groups to expand awareness of school integration, and broaden the opportunities for students and families to thrive in diverse settings. 

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