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Tracking School Integration in Oakland

To what degree are schools already integrated in Oakland? To answer that, we look at common segregation measures, how they apply to Oakland, how they have changed over time, and their possible consequences. 

To start, here are two questions to guide us:

The "evenness" or "dissimilarity" measure looks at how poverty rates at individual schools differ from the overall percentage of poverty in the district. From an equity lens, we should expect each school to serve the same percentage of low-income students.

#2 Is each racial group exposed to similar rates of poverty?

The "isolation" or "exposure" measure reveals how much students of color are disproportionately placed in high-poverty schools. In an equitable and racially just system, White students and Black students, should attend schools with similar percentages of low-income students.

See how well Oakland integrates its schools

#1 How many schools resemble Oakland's average poverty rate?

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